Our Services

At first we check in depth

Our analysis builds the basis to create the tailor-made solution which will release saving potentials in your company. We gather all relevant data, develop a proposal and jointly compile a plan for the implementation in your company.

More detailed overview:

  • XAnalysis / Consulting

  • Fleet’s initial analysis: Inspection of the fleet (processes, costs, structures)

    Fleet’s future model: setting up a future model for your fleet. The basis is built by the actual data gathered and benchmark data we have.

    Implementation of the new fleet model: jointly create an implementation plan and we support this process in your company

    Making a concept “Green fleet”: taking the current reference, checking the data, optimization of the “Green fleet” approaches.

    Making a concept for the car policy: taking the current reference, checking the data, optimization of the company vehicle guidelines.

    Making a concept TCO: taking the current reference, checking the data, optimization of the identified data concerning your TCO.

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We’re ready for „take-off“

In the context of the phase in process we take all the procurement tasks for a new vehicle to be done. Existing contracts of course are continued or if possible and our client agrees will be renegotiated.

More detailed overview:

  • XTender

  • customizing the documents to make tenders and receive comparable quotations, evaluating the received quotations, transparent presentation of the results, subsequent negotiations and renegotiations with potential vendors

  • XDemand Analysis

  • monitoring the expiration date of leasing contracts and provide proposals to terminate them monitoring the actual demands for your fleet

  • XQuotations

  • request for quotations (Leasing, Purchase, sustainable Financing) comparison of the biddings, renegotiate the biddings, submission of the transparent comparisons – you get the facts for a proper decision

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We support from the beginning to the end

During the regular service of your vehicles we play our particular strengths. While our professional automotive technicians and experts do their job granting for a maximum service we continuously are looking for optimizations.

More detailed overview:

  • XHotline

  • Users Support: For the users of your vehicles (company car drivers, drivers of service cars or drivers of vans or trucks) our 24 hour hotline is 7 days a week at their disposal e.g. in case of a breakdown, accident or the loss of a fuel card.

  • XRepair Management

  • active controlling and monitoring of all repairs (body) and maintenances (general maintenances, seasonal tire changes etc.)

  • XSchedule Management

  • Monitoring and managing all regular statutory vehicle inspections (general inspection, periodic exhaust emission testing, security screenings for trucks, German accident prevention regulations for trucks etc.). Never miss an important date for your fleet. You periodically will receive messages for each due date.

  • XAccounting Audits

  • Electronic document entry, account assignment, auditing accounts (fiscally, factually, technically)

  • XMobility Management

  • providing replacement vehicles for example in case of an accident, a scheduled service in a service shop or a vehicle required occasionally.

  • XAccident and Claim Management

  • experienced and long standing employees take care of the damage and claim process with insurances and third parties.

  • XFee Management

  • public broadcasting fees: Registration / De-registration, verification of invoices

    vehicle tax services: Registration / De-registration, verification of invoices

    toll services: Registration / De-registration at “Tollconnect”

    temperature monitoring: Registration at temperature monitoring systems, evaluating the data etc.

  • XServices around your Insurances

  • acceptance and documentation of the electronic insurance number (in Germany) and the international insurance card; providing the insurance data to your supplier to enable him to register the vehicles. After registration we provide the corresponding data to your insurance company. We give notifications to your insurance company in case of changes (structural modifications, de-registrations and re-registrations in case of change of ownership)

  • XAdministration of Drivers

  • listing the drivers and driver changes of your company cars

    handling their contracts for the company cars

    notifications of the 1% issue per driver to the officials (in Germany)

  • Xhandling of administrative offences

  • daily processing the incoming administrative offences and carrying out the administrative procedures necessary

  • XManaging the Fuel (Gas)

  • managing the fueling data: import of the fueling data and allocating them to the vehicle; plausibility check of the data

    ordering new fuel cards, block and unblock fuel cards

    sending fuel cards to your users of company cars

  • Xdriving license inspections

  • carrying out the inspections of driver licenses electronically

  • XContract management

  • monitoring all existing contracts concerning term and mileage of each individual vehicle

    disposal of measures necessary (prolongation of contracts, contractual adjustments, replacement of vehicles, quit the contract etc.)

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We bring “phase out” to a satisfying End

Even the end of a life cycle should be carried out in a proper manner. Years of experience with several vendors out of the branch enable us to finalize most cost efficient.

More detailed overview:

  • Xphase out

  • phase out plan: monitoring and coordinating the return steps in due time and according to the contract, selling the vehicles as well as the technical units

    phase out preparation: vehicles preparation, vehicles conditioning and their de-registration

    phasing out the vehicles: monitoring and checking the final clearing process according to the contractual agreements between our client and the corresponding leasing company or the respective supplier

    placing orders for damage appraisals and checking the appraisals: engaging the experts ( we cooperate with all the prestigious surveying companies). Checking the appraisals concerning damages and vehicle value is performed by our professionals.

  • Xused vehicles sales

  • selling the vehicles: selling self-financed vehicles. We place them in huge internet portals which are market standard (B2B). The choice for the appropriate portal depends on the vehicle type (making sure, that the solvency of the bidder lies in the responsibility of the portal). We do the invoicing, take care of the receivables and forward the vehicle’s document (certificate of title)

    vehicles sales concept: checking your current concept and where appropriate we draw up an optimized solution as a proposal for our client

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You’re in the Driver Seat at any Time

Our web based solutions make sure that you always keep track through all processes and if desired you actively control the procedures. Your fleet is performing highly efficient and your TCO do drop.

More detailed overview:

  • Xprocess

  • process control: you define the processes, we give recommendations and after the clearance we make the implementation in our web based software. Each process agreed will be configured through our process control tool dedicated to your company. It is ensured all processes are save, transparent and are performed in the time-scale you determined.

    Process control (audit): upon your request you get involved in the processes sequence at any time, e.g. within the approval process from a particular level of the repair costs.

  • Xaccounting

  • managing the payables: all checked (by us) invoices arising in a vehicle’s life cycle will be paid through us. The data for your accounting are provided by our interface on a high level of transparency.

    Representation of your group structures: within the module “WebXAccount” your group structures (hierarchy, your associated accounting system, G/L accounts etc.) are represented. This is forming the basis to carry out the transactions (advancement of rising expenses, recharging of costs).

    Representation of accounting structures: in the module “WebXAccount” the corresponding accounting interfaces (up to 20 different accounting systems and their interfaces) are represented.

    carrying out the accounting service: depending on the owner of the vehicle there is a need to pass on or charge costs to other departments in your group. It is the target to correctly allocate incoming invoices and their particular invoice items to the right department (User of the vehicle) of your group.

  • Xreports

  • online access: our reporting tool “FleetXWeb” is the innovative reporting tool to highly efficient control your fleet and sustainably cut your costs. It offers numerous options to analyze, evaluate and well arranged shows up your fleet’s status. Per “Click” you get information in any depth whether it’s the general overview of your fleet or a single contract up to each single document of an entry.

    fleet management report: once a year you get an extensive report which shows the development of costs and the yearago comparison figures as well as recommendations for optimization.

    Ddata export: skilled controlling and reporting tools with online access and export functions to MS Office® precisely provide those data of your fleet to make the right decisions.

    customer specific reports: you prescribe what we are supposed to do, we make it happen and you have access to your customer specific reports you need at any time

    Standardized reports: standard reports (fleet stocks, costs overview, fuel consumption overview, damage management etc.) are provided

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No Fear concerning Controlling Your Maintenance of Trucks

After a time consuming and intensive selection process expert automotive GmbH was chosen to become our new „fleet managers“. They are 100 % in line with our requirements and do their job likewise. Expert automotive GmbH is specialized in the area of fleet management and owns the most modern techniques, processes and tools and shows up a high service- and cost-orientation. In particular their competencies in the area of trucks and fork lifters make expert automotive deeply convincing. Through our cooperation with expert automotive we have succeeded in bringing transparency into our fixed costs and variables which is prerequisite for our TCO calculation to meaningful an sustainable reduce costs.

VION Move GmbH, Gebhard de Wall, Fleetmanagement - Logistics Coordinator

Certified technical Expertise

We have utter respect for Mr. Benno Aul due to his outstanding skills being an expert for vehicle damages and vehicle valuations. As a member of the audit committee of IFS (International Featured Standards) and co-author of the IFS policies for vehicle expert services he decisively contributes to our high quality level. Because of his particular level of expertise and his wide range of hands-on experience we also appreciate working together in the field of education and further education of vehicle experts.

Institute for experts e.V. , Bernhard Floter, CEO and board member.