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  • FleetX Web: Even more Overview

    This update of our web based application exposes your cost drivers
  • "One of the most important questions in fleet management is: what are the costs for each single vehicle? TCO is showing up the overall costs, which each single car generates per day, per month or per year and even per km. And it shows where those costs are coming from. This statement of costs can be requested online for each single division, department, location, etc. of your company or group at any time. A distinction is made between variables (operating materials, toll, maintenance and damage repair) and fixed costs (costs of financing, taxes, insurance costs, legal costs for vehicle inspections, etc.). The new update’s appearance makes you figure out your cost drivers at a glance. You furthermore benefit from the feature which shows up the most economic vehicle types of your fleet. The entire data are likewise comparable with other types of vehicles. This is a decisive criterion for the future procurement and the launch of actions to be taken for optimization."