We manage mixed vehicle fleets with 50.000 cars, 7.000 trucks and special-purpose vehicles. Our IT based solutions make you control all processes necessary and generate cost reductions you might have not in focus up to date.

We act as full service provider from the phase in process to the phase out process

Yet we particularly do the job dedicated to your company’s needs. That’s why you keep control and you form your fleet.
You make the assignments – we make the job.

We take the job today. And jointly create ideas for tomorrow.

Fleet management is ours! You define the jobs, we do the tasks necessary and provide the appropriate tools. So you can manage your fleet highly efficient. Planning the future strategically also belongs to the service package.

Is it worthwhile what we do?

A closer look shows: your savings by far will exceed our costs. After having done our analyses thoroughly we guarantee for your savings.

At a Glance – Convincing Features


We successfully have done services for several mixed car and truck fleets for ten years. Among them you will find well known companies and market leaders in their segments. Our services are performed by experts having their experience in vehicles, process management, IT-services and controlling. We provide safety concerning processes, audits and revisions as well as transparency for costs in an extraordinary manner.

Fleet Managers

We support fleet managers in their daily job. Only a few “clicks” show your complete vehicle file and for example provides the status of a repair. Cost savings in your administration and services around your fleet are the result.


We recognize potential cost savings benchmark your purchasing conditions and make recommendations for optimizations. It is obvious our services make you reach your targets quickly. You are welcome to request our corresponding documents.


You want to reduce your total costs of ownership? You precisely want to identify your fixed and variable costs as well as the costs for life cycles? It is ours to provide a maximum of transparency and the corresponding management tools for short and long term optimizations necessary.

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expert automotive Starts its Race

Our experts are pooling their competencies: experiences in the sector of services for vehicles, know how in process and quality management, controlling and IT solutions.

Smart Solutions for Car and Truck Fleets of Tomorrow

It is agreed from the beginning, that it is a must for future oriented solutions to link process optimization and web based applications. In the year 2004 we released a process supported software for technical account audits.

A Concept which has proven itself

In our company an electronic standard for quality and evaluation processes for vehicle manufacturers is emerging. One year thereafter the evaluation of luxury vehicles including the creation of repair orders were added. Afterwards in the context with a due diligence we had got we developed the evaluation process for truck fleets.

Expanding the Business

We could attract one of the largest rental car companies in Germany to support their auditing process for their damage files. Two years later we could add to our customers list a major international organization to support their repair process control (repair and maintenance).

Smart IT-Solutions Part 2

We implemented the OCR recognition to automatically read the contents of invoices. Afterwards we extended our software to illustrate the TCO analyses for car fleets and especially for vans, trucks, fork lift trucks and machineries.

More Innovation by expert automotive

Implementation to process telematics data and we added a process to select suppliers in the area of the repair control backed by maps. Additionally we offer trainings for TCO for vans and trucks.

Always keep your Costs under control

Within the image of the group structure of our customers we implemented new billing modules to pass on and debit costs of the corresponding car pools. Now data in a variety of levels of detail for the accounting can be provided.

Again a major Customer for expert automotive

After ten years in business we attracted a major car sharing company to support their area of repair control and damage management.

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