Four interacting Competencies

Competence in Vehicles

Since founding the company we have employed well educated and trained vehicle specialists. Everybody has years of experience dealing with all kinds of vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, fork lifters, etc.). Additionally experts for vehicles belong to our staff.

Process Competence

For decades we have been involved in process management economic-wise and electronic-wise. In fleet management issues it happens that the real challenges and TCO in fact are misjudged. Meet us – this will change.

Controlling Competence

A particular controlling capturing and administrating the numerous aspects of fleet management forms an important basis. We supply a maximum of transparency scalable, web based and accessible in each second. Only those who have a clear view on what’s going on in their fleet have the power to optimize.

IT – Competence

The decisive part of the puzzle. Only our web based application allows to control your fleet on a different level. It’s just a “click” and you get your information and sometimes not even a “click” is required – you automatically will be informed. That’s what we understand under efficient and sustainable fleet management.

Unser Schwerpunkt

Our Expertise

We link our four competencies and provide tailored solutions for our customers. Our professionals and the “expert automotive - IT solution” empower you to fully monitor and actively control your fleet. We contribute to your continuous improvements in your general processes up to the very detail.

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Our Partners


The Federal Association for electro mobility (Bundesverband der eMobilität e.V.) is lobbying in Germany the topic to shift Mobility to electro mobility by the use of renewable energies. Meanwhile BEM is counterpart for politics and industries when electro mobility in all branches involved is concerned.


The work group NiMo – Network intelligent Mobility has committed its goal to further develop the approaches for modern mobility. To achieve this target, experts, companies and interested people coming out of the society jointly work together. That’s how “Intelligent Mobility” will be encouraged, disseminated and further developed.